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Sunday, November 20, 2011

1st Building Block of the Affirmation Program that I teach is Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is very powerful. When you forgive your energy changes the physical structure of your cells and DNA. When you are embroiled in guilt, shame or depression you close down the energy systems of your body. All types of negative problems can and do erupt. Forgiveness is a process of untangling mental and emotional parts of your being. If you have become tangled up in the negative energy of another person or situation and need to forgive, keep reading and you will learn how. You will read about simple, effective exercises to achieve forgiveness and peace of mind.You will also learn how to use the power of forgiveness to heal yourself and get rid of negative people, conditions, thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Did you know that forgiveness is a choice--as is not forgiving? When you do not forgive another person, you remain energetically connected or tied to them. When you forgive others you break those ties and allow them to move on with their lives--and you to move on with yours.

Gratitude is advanced forgiveness; therefore, it is important to be grateful for your blessings. When you stop blaming others, wishing things were different or judging something to be wrong you can truly forgive yourself and others.

Forgiveness reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases well-being and promotes good health. It can also reduce the risk of cancer and other disease. Forgiveness is private. It is not necessary or advisable to tell people that you are forgiving them. Forgiveness is not ego, although some people say forgiveness is selfish because it largely benefits the person doing the forgiving.

Forgiveness is putting your thoughts in line with the Laws of the Universe. I speak to many people whose faces show resentment, anger and bitterness. I know there is a forgiveness problem. Why is it so difficult to forgive? Nature does not have a problem forgiving. The human body is busy all the time forgiving and healing.

When you cut your finger, it does not stop and say, "No I am not ready to forgive you; you have been a bad person. Your body immediately begins to repair and heal itself. The doctor sets your leg when it is broken, but is is God or Nature that heals it. When you hold a grudge and do not forgive others and yourself, you are working against the Laws of Nature. When you do not blame, condemn, or judge yourself, others and circumstances there is nothing to forgive.

Forgiving is permanent. When you truly and completely forgive an injustice you never have to do it again.

In the Next Blog I will be sharing some Forgiveness Affirmation Tools to help you forgive.

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Continuing on Part 2
Benefits of doing the Affirmation Program properly and faithfully.

You will discover how to do the following:

Recognize, verbalize and write out your goals,(Affirmations);
Improve your relationships with self and others;
Learn how to love, respect and approve of yourself;
Attract that perfect, lasting successful career;
Attract that special person (life partner);
Handle and overcome negative fear and negative habits;
Attract radiant health, wealth and happiness;
Use your thoughts to create miracles in your life;
Use the wondrous power of your subconscious mind;
Learn how to use the power of Creative Visualization (thinking in pictures);
Forgive everyone and everything that has ever hurt you;
Forgive yourself;
Believe in yourself;
Meditate and become peaceful;
Reduce your weight and maintain your ideal figure;
Develop healthy self-esteem;
Increased spiritual awareness;
Attract and have peace of mind;
Become more spiritual;
Enjoy optimum health;
Be more patient;
Change your life as you decree;
Face and accept death--the final destination.

And much, much more.

It is your life. Live it to the fullest!

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work! (sometimes no in our time frame or as they think they should, however they always work! Remember the song that goes something like this, 'Thank God for some unanswered prayers?'

Next Blog we will talk about the 5 Building Blocks that I use in my Affirmation Program. We will take the 1st Building Block and discuss that one and then in a future blog we will take the 2nd Building Block and so on.

I look forward to hearing from you! Many blessings Dr. Anne Marie EVers



Affirmations are natural. People ask me about Affirmations--If they are a form of cult, etc? My answer is,"No, they are not a cult. Whenever you are goal-setting with powerful, focused intent, you are actually doing a form of Affirmations Whether or not you are conscious of doing Affirmations it is a fact that you have done many in your lifetime. You may call them goal-setting, planning, wishing, praying, etc. Those of you who have experienced success with goal-setting will be absolutely thrilled with the incredible success you achieve when you do the Affirmation Program that I teach.This Affirmation program is built on 5 Building Blocks, (a) Forgiveness; (b) Thoughts; (c) Mind Power; (d) Affirmations and (e) Creative Visualization.

Think back on your life. How many Affirmations have you done that created miraculous results? How many miracles have you experienced?

In the bible Jesus taught a form of Affirmations. He said, Ask and ye shall receive,; knock and the door will be opened; seek and ye shall find.: These are affirmative, action-packed statements and clear indication of the power with us to make things happen in our lives as we desire.

Results you can receive from doing the Affirmation Program properly and faithfully ..
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