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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Do you have difficulty with putting things off that you need to do?
Procrastination is a half-brother to indecision. At the root of procrastination, you will discover feelings of inadequacy. You are better off making mistakes than not making decisions. Procrastination means postponing action. Just hoping, without action, can also be postponing. It takes more effort to start a job then to keep it going. It is a fact that we can never finish a job unless we first start it. Decide
 what you wish to do, how to do it and then dive in and do it. Reach your goals. Start overcoming procrastination today.
I, (your name ) deserve and NOW enjoy life in the now. I am a self-starter and enjoy getting things done now. I easily do what I need to do today. I complete all tasks with ease. I love doing my work. I live in the now. I enjoy today and look forward to miracles and happiness in the future, which is just full of possibilities. It makes me feel good and gives me a sense of accomplishment to complete all my tasks quickly and efficiently. I am happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
SHORT FORM AFFIRMATION - Well-organized, self-starter me now!