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Saturday, June 21, 2014


. . . My Special Guest Deborra Harney-Gregor would like to add the following info--
When the question was asked “What do I say to those loved ones who are grieving?” She suggests that you ask them, “What can I do to help?” Then give them some suggestions such as helping with bringing, cooking or buying food; cleaning out your closets, organizing your home, talking with you, helping with legal issues, etc.

Deborra says that grief is a normal reaction to loss and is internal whereas mourning is external where people see your grief. She advises the loved ones grieving Not to make huge decisions and/or changes such as selling their home in the first year or so and to wait until they are able to think clearly and correctly what is best for them. Listen to well-meaning family and friends, think about it what they say, and take what resonates with you and work with it.

If you missed the show with Deborra, it is posted on Tuesday, June 24th:

Friday, June 20, 2014

                                           DR. ANNE MARIE EVERS SHOW

DATE:   Saturday, June 21, 2014
TIME:     12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time


Deborra Harney-Gregor, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Grief Coach. We will be speaking about the steps to heal grief and sharing how to go ------ 'From Heartbreak to Happiness!' See you then!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

                                                    AFFIRMATION    NEWSLETTER
tel: 604-988-9907 


Warm Affirmation Greetings!

It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by since our last newsletter, but that is the way it is  . . . I have had quite a busy time since then and some things good and some things not so good have taken place in my life.

My Story
On July 14th, 2013 my life changed! I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had emergency surgery, developed a serious hospital infection and was re-hospitalized and then placed on a chemo treatment. During this time when dealing with negative side effects from the chemo I developed a set of powerful Affirmation Tools that I used many times daily which helped me immensely to handle the negative side effects of the chemo. At times when I felt discouraged scared and like running away somewhere and not continuing on with the chemo treatment, it was my faith and my faithful and daily use of my strong Affirmation Tools that kept me going right to the end of the chemo treatments. I am here to say that if I can keep on taking my medication to completion and keep going on . . . doing the things I normally do, taking into consideration all that happened to me, I KNOW countess others can as well!

These wonderful Tools also helped dissipate the strong and negative fear that came up with facing treatments, tests, fear that these negative side effects would be permanent and much more. I used the following phrase over and over numerous times during the day and night. 'This Too Shall Pass’ and it did!

Then on December 12, 2013 my beloved husband Pastor Reggie Clemens passed away in his sleep at our home right in the middle of my chemo treatments. He was my soul mate and a great inspiration to me, especially as he cared for others as I do and he was a great family man. He had a bight smile and portrayed a wonderful one-of-a-kind sense of humour which I miss so much.

I am managing to get through this terrible loss of my husband with the help of my dear friend, Deborra Harney-Gregor, a Grief Counselor who devoted her time to me once a week and this has helped me get through each day and has helped to lessen the pain of my loss. She told me that what happened to me actually ‘topped the stress scale.’

During this time I attended a chemo meditation group at the local hospital and when I spoke for a few minutes about the power of my Affirmation Tools, I was surprised at the number of people who showed such an interest in these Tools asking what they were, how they worked and especially how they could work for them. One of the chemo patients who had throat cancer and could not speak whispered in my ear, "Thank you so much for coming and sharing your information. You have given me HOPE!”

Right then and there I decided to put my information about these wonderful Tools into a form where people taking chemo and/or medical treatments could read the book and/or listen to the positive talking book and e-book when they needed help coping. I am also creating a special website to provide free information to anyone and a blog where people can communicate and inter-act with each other and share information when in a similar health challenge.

Typical Question

 When I asked ‘the’ Question, “Why Me?” The answer came back with a voice inside saying, “Why not you? You have a computer, you are a writer and you have the contacts and knowledge to write yet another book!” So this is my Life Work and I feel that I needed to go through what I did so that I can help others worldwide and make their health challenge journey a little easier, giving them HOPE that there are things (Affirmation Tools) that they can do and use to help manage negative side effects.

New Book

 This inspired me to write yet another book especially for those that take chemo and/or medical treatments as I can now understand first-hand the challenges those people will deal with. It is my intention to GIFT these hard copy books, e-books and talking books to people, hospices, hospitals, foundations, etc. To spread HOPE. The Title of my new Book is—
                             Powerful’ AFFIRMATION TOOLS Help
                             Manage Negative Side Effects of Chemo and/or
                             Other Medications

It is my intention to have this book out in the fall of 2014.

Should you know anyone or any organization that may be interested in helping with this ‘AFFIRMATION TOOL Project’ financially with printing and publishing or in any way, please email me at 
I am also very thankful for the many prayers, good thoughts, wishes, Affirmations, emails, letters, phone calls and help that I received from my wonderful family, friends and people from all over the world, many of which I never met in person.

My sister Darlene counted out my many daily pills (a very confusing job to me). My daughter Aren and Darlene both accompanied me when I had my intravenous treatments at the hospital which was very comforting to me. Aren visited me at the hospital every day without fail. Also I wish to thank Aren's husband Dario and my son David and his wife Lorna and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for the great support, love and caring during this frightening and challenging time for me.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude with all the friends who supported me through this long and difficult health challenge. I thank my friend Heike who owns a Hair Stylist  Shop in North Vancouver who devoted one day a week to come to my home and wash and blow dry my hair, which had become very fine, thin and I was losing a great deal of hair. She used special products that slowed down the hair loss and actually nurtured my hair and helped it become healthy once again.

Daily Affirmation 
You may have noticed that the Daily Affirmations ran out during this time but as I was working very hard at getting through this health challenge they did not get the attention they required to keep going so now you have an explanation of why things have not progressed as intended in that respect. Just today my assistant Rev. Christine Einarson and I sorted it out and the Daily Affirmations are now up and running! So many people report how much they love receiving these Daily Affirmations and many say that they were exactly what they needed on that particular day. If you have not already signed up for the Daily Affirmations and wish to do so, please go to and sign up.

Kept Up My Radio/Internet Shows and Workshops

With HOPE, my faith, Affirmations, my support group of family, friends and my daily use of my Affirmation Tools even during taking my chemo treatments and my bereavement I was able to keep on hosting my Radio/internet Shows      . . .  The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show broadcasting every Saturday. This show airs at 12 noon-1:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on As well I was able to keep my monthly workshops with a group of wonderful people at Silver Harbour Center and other commitments as well as answering numerous emails helping people understand how to use properly done Affirmations to help them live healthier and happier lives.

How Random Acts of Kindness Have Far Reaching Positive Effects

 I would like to share a remarkable story with you. My daughter Aren has and is volunteering her time as President of the Auxiliary for Lions Gate Hospital and managing the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Store, as well as the Dogwood Shop located in the hospital. When I was in the hospital with infection I took advantage of some of the wonderful things that the money from these shops provide the hospital with.

For about ten days I was connected by the tubes in my stomach to a Vacu-Machine which removed the fluids from my incisions and accelerated the healing process and I also had the privilege of sitting in one of the beautiful, comfortable and new chemo chairs that the money from the shops provided when I was taking intravenous chemo treatments at the hospital every three weeks. This provided much needed comfort to me as well as countless of others. Aren told me that she could now see the reason she was so intent on volunteering her time and assisting in raising money to purchase things that would make patients' procedures and lives a little easier. It brought tears to my eyes when I thought about how her kindness and random acts of kindness reached out and touched me in the hospital as well as thousands of others.

Cancer Affects Many Lives
 Too many of our lives have been and are being affected by cancer. Receiving such a diagnosis is devastating.

I apologize of this lengthy Newsletter, but I felt led to share my story of HOPE with each and every one of you in hopes that something I say here may be of help to you and/or people around you. My chemo treatment is complete and my tests are clear, for which I say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."  and Thank YOU for reading this very important to me Newsletter.

Love and Many Affirmation Blessings
Anne Marie