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Friday, January 10, 2014

Say often during the day, "Affirmations are a major, important part of my life. I enjoy doing my Affirmations faithfully. 'My Affirmation Blueprint is clear and specific. The procedure of doing Affirmations is not a cult or any form of brainwashing. It is a completely natural process. You are simply working with the Laws of the great Universe. Positive thinking and doing the Affirmation Program properly could be referred to as purifying the mind or washing and shampooing the brain Affirmations are really not Magic. You make your 'Own Magic' by using your marvellous inner power. Affirmations are very important, however they alone cannot take the place of one-on-one therapy, group therapy or the Twelve Step Program and others. They should be used in conjunction with them and following your doctor's advice. Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work! (sometimes not in our time frame or as they think they should). I am sure most of us can look back and say, "Thank God for some unanswered prayers!" I know I can!

SHOW    Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show
DATE January 11, 2014
TIME 12 noon-1pm Pacific Standard Time

You won't want to miss this informative and interesting show!


Echo Bodine is the best selling author of Echoes of the Soul, The Gift, A Still, Small Voice and most recently What Happens When We Die. She is a renowned spiritual healer, psychic and teacher who lectures widely on intuition, spiritual healing, and life after death. She also has a monthly radio show and popular blog. Visit her online at In her over 40 years as a psychic medium, spiritual healer and ghost buster, beloved best selling author Echo Bodine has garnered a tremendous amount of wisdom from both sides of the veil when it comes to death and dying. See you then!

Dear Friends

 Please go to and Register
now for this FREE LIVE event taking place at 9:00 a.m. Pacific standard Time tomorrow morning ---  Saturday, 11th, 2014.

This program is a virtual, experiential class that reveals the... power of affirmations, the 5 "Ws" of affirmations and how to tap into Affirmation Power and attract the desires of your heart like a magnet!

Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate Large will light the way for you to learn the 5 "Ws" plus HOW to use affirmations powerfully - to create the results your heart desires.

In this program you will:
~ learn what affirmations are
~ get access to the 5 "Ws" to use affirmations properly so they always work!
~ tap into the power of your creation energy and direct it to manifest what you want instead of what you do NOT want with magical affirmations
~ reconnect with your subconscious thought to establish new neural pathways of creation

This is a FREE program, but seating is LIMITED!
Register early and call in a few minutes before the
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You will want to be fully engaged
- distraction-free - to get the most out of this program!

BONUS GIFTS: One person will be chosen from the callers during the LIVE program to receive an extraordinary Bonus Gift. To be eligible you MUST be using your telephone to listen in on the call and you must be on the call to be chosen.
Also three listeners will be chosen to receive FREE e-book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th editon.

Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the Affirmation Doctor
Dr. Anne Marie is a member of the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association, is certified in Child Psychology 212, Therapeutic Touch and Personal Development, Best Selling Author, Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity. She was awarded Honorary Doctor of Philosophy by Moffett University for her lifetime achievements and dedication in uplifting, educating and empowering people worldwide. Her significant contribution to the world of self-realization, psychology and personal development optimize the human spirit of service and speak to the oneness and potential for good available in all people.

See you @ 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, Sat. Jan. 11th, 2014! ! !

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Message from Kate Large
Stretching with Expansion, Pushing Back and Bursting Forward!
January 8, 2014

Have you ever been in your creative zone, moving forward, joyfully living your life, then... BAM your flow hits a solid wall - not a knee-wall you can step over, but a skyscraper? Or the energy of others in your world pummel your energy and you're left standing there bruised and battered unsure of what just happened?
What you've just experienced is your expansion meeting the resistance of your inner fears that have been hidden within your subconscious-ness. Fears from the past - perhaps from your archive of past experiences this lifetime or a previous lifetime. At first glance, the wall appears to be outside of you - other people or life circumstances interfering with your flow, but the resistance is really within you.
Not to worry! You have power over energy within you!
The fact that you were flowing joyfully prior to the energies outside of you becoming a wall, reveals how powerful you've become. You're rewriting your neural pathways creating a new reality for yourself and some of those pathways are resisting. That resistance manifesting in something outside of you is energy's way of pushing back to force you to decide if you really want to flow in joy or the struggle energy that has been your normal way of doing things in the past.
Even though hitting the wall is painful, whether it is a life situation or people throwing a hiccup in your flow, once you understand that the halt in your flow is only permanent if you choose for it to be, you can choose what you really want. This is your opportunity to choose and solidify who you are becoming and the life you are creating with gusto!
With this conscious decision of choice, you will burst through the wall as if it were tissue paper!
When we expand our consciousness, our creativity and our joy, there is a natural contraction of sorts. The contraction can be huge. The contraction can be minimal. Knowing, understanding and accepting that expansion and contraction are a natural process, makes us powerful and the contractions lose their power.
This year is about taking our power back through the nuclear power of love. My mission is to share with you through programs, complementary webinars, the Spiritual Whispers Radio Show and other opportunities, tips, techniques and tools to help you find the light within you and expand it brilliantly to create your most wonderful reality ever!
Be sure to click into the link below to access personal growth and business building gifts AND register for my complementary webinars to receive these wonderful tools to aid you on your life path.
In love and light,
Personal Growth and Business Building Gifts are NOW Available!!!
The most noteworthy personal growth experts online today have gotten together this month solely for the purpose of giving you their very best so that you can reach all of your goals in 2014 and beyond! These are gifts on meditation, manifesting abundance, brainwave entrainment, Law of Attraction, health and wellness, hypnosis, motivation, fitness, nutrition and MORE!

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Complementary Programs - my gift to you!
Learn the secret to make your affirmations Always Work!
* Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate Large
This program was rescheduled to January 11!
Affirmations are words of intent that command something to be true. Have you been using affirmations that seem to be useless? Or do they seem to be working, then they fall flat and what you've felt manifesting in your life falls apart?
Dr. Anne Marie Evers affirms: "Affirmations when properly done always work!"
You will want to register right away for this extraordinary virtual class to learn the secret of affirmations with the power of the 5 "W's". When you implement the energy flow of this program into your life, you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can manifest the desires of your heart. Clickhere to learn more and register.
Are you ready to jump start the relationship you are in or create a new one? In this enlightening program Kate will share with you the ONE simple thing you can do to create more love in your life from the inside out! Clickhere to learn more and register.
Spiritual Whispers Radio Show - Thursdays - 7pm US Mountain Time!
January 9, 2014: Tracy Duncan, joins Kate to discuss how you can stop struggling with procrastination and self-doubt to effortlessly flow in creativity fulfilling your hearts desires. Tracey's focus is with creative and healing arts business owners, but her tried and true methods and techniques work for everyone to live a more fulfilling life. To learn more about Tracey, click into her website, here. January 16, 2014: Carole Matthews joins Kate to for a fun evening with spirit. We will provide readings to callers. Call in early - phone lines fill up! To learn more about Carole, please click into her website, Carole Matthews, here.

Click the icon to listen to the program:
Thursdays at 7pm US MT
Schedule a reminder for the Spiritual Whispers radio show or listen to or download the recorded programs here.
Click here to read Kate's blog articles
Click here to join Kate on Sunday's to pray for Mother Earth, sending love to her collectively as a group, but also sending love to her soils that hold trauma of her expansion and man's turmoil. As we send unconditional love to the earth, that love heals us and the soils beneath our feet lifting the vibration of all to the higher vibration of love.
Meet Kate
Kate Large founded Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers in 2000 as an online resource for healing and spiritual growth at a time when spiritual websites were few and far between. In January of 2003 she published her first newsletter that now circles Mother Earth touching, healing and illuminating the pathway for people in over 50 countries.

She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Waiting in the Other Room and the host of the internationally popular Blog Talk Radio show: Spiritual Whispers with Kate Large. She is the creator of many best selling transformational classes, meditations and programs - including the extraordinary Game of Life Mastery Program and the Alzheimer's Alternative Care Program.

Kate is a spiritual practitioner and teacher of hope and infinite possibility. Through her teachings, she holds the space for the Soul Kisses Community to reconnected with their angelic entourage of higher self, angels, teachers, guides and deceased loved ones. Kate believes creating your version of Heaven on Earth - your most excellent Square of Life and everything in between - is not only possible, but your birthright. Her classes, programs and meditations have helped thousands around the world connect with the life force energy of love within them to transform their lives in magical, beautiful ways to create their version of Heaven on Earth.

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Kate Large, "The Empress of Transformation"
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Learn the secret to make your affirmations Always Work!
* Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate Large
January 11, 2014
You Deserve to be Happy in Love
* Create More Love in Your Life with ONE Simple...
February 1, 2014

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