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Passport 2000+ Newsletter: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Affirmations

Monday, October 08, 2007

Affirmations do come true

Dear Friends
I wish to thank you for all your wonderful emails, letters and phone calls and I also wish to address the subject of WHY some people think that Affirmations do not work!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when doing Affirmations to discover the reasons why some of your Affirmations are not working.


Do you feel that you deserve what you are affirming?
Do you need to release negative, old blockages from the past and present? (reasons why they aren't working)
Is your mind clear of worries?
Do you read your Master Affirmations at approximately the same time every day?

Do your Master Affirmations contain the 3 P's (Positive, Personal and Present tense)? Wording of the Affirmation is very important
If you are affirming that you deserve and 'will have,' you are putting the manifestation off into the future, perhaps some future lifetime.
Can you release and let go of the 'not good enoughs, not rich enoughs, not pretty or good looking enoughs’?
Do you have at least a 51% believability factor that your Affirmation can manifest as affirmed?
Is your Affirmation designed to never hurt to take from anyone?
Did you use the safety clause, 'To the good of all parties concerned?'
Did you blow breath into your Affirmations by taking the appropriate action?

Did you practice Creative Visualization? Did you see the manifestation of your Affirmation clearly and vividly in your mind?
Did you bring in the 5 physical senses when visualizing?
See, Hear, Smell, Taste & Feel
Are you affirming an ability? If so, you already HAVE the ability so that Master Affirmation will not make any difference.
Is what you are affirming really what you want, not what someone else wants for you?

Do you have a burning desire for the completion of your Affirmation?
Did you place a picture or sketch of what you are affirming? (Placing a likeness on the top part of your Master Affirmation gives your subconscious something on which to focus).
Are you too strongly attached to the outcome so you cannot see other ways, methods or ideas?
Did you say your Affirmation in an attitude of gratitude?
Are you thankful for your blessings before you receive them?

Did you date and sign your Master Affirmation? If so, you have made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God, Creator Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.

Some Quick Fix Methods

Some people find that lighting different coloured candles help with their visualizations and Affirmations. When using candles, remember to use green for money, career and growth; pink for romantic love; blue for healing; red for energy; white for peace; yellow for wisdom and spiritual growth.

You can also do the Affirm n' Flash Method.


Write your Affirmation in felt pen on a large sheet of paper or cardboard. Put it by your bed. Get up in the middle of the night, (when it is very dark) and take a flashlight and point it at your Affirmation cardboard and flash it off and on. Do this several times and then go back to bed. Many people have received great results doing this method. (This process is similar to subliminal advertising and we all know it really works! It is proven daily by the subliminal advertising in the background at hockey games, etc.)

Completed Affirmation Book

Another good idea is to get a small notebook and jot down when your Affirmations manifest. Place a huge check mark right through your Master Affirmation and add the date that it happened. This way it keeps them on the front burner of your mind and they cannot slip

through the cracks of the Universe and be forgotten. Also this method creates an element of faith as you view all your past completed Affirmations.

And yes, sometimes Affirmations do not work the way we think they should, or in our time frame, but they come about in various ways. Keep an open mind and be aware of small miracles taking place daily!

On a Personal Note

I would like to share with you my personal experience of the manifestation of one of my Master Affirmations within the last four months to encourage you to do your Affirmations and especially to do the Master Affirmation for that Lasting, Loving Relationship if that is what you are wishing for.

I hope it will encourage you and give you hope that this same power can work for you and for you to know that Affirmations work within the Law of Attraction which is one of the natural laws of the Universe, which is always turned on, in fact you cannot turn it off. These Natural Laws are no respecter of person and work for everyone all the time. Example: The Law of Gravity always works every time (unless you are in space), for every person, whether you are a minister, thief, king. Real estate agent or anyone.

It has been about six years since my husband passed away and I was feeling lonely so I created a Relationship Affirmation in April, 2004 for the perfect man for me.

It is interesting how it manifested. I have to admit that I did a great Master Affirmation, made it colourful and cut out a picture of the man that I would like him to look like. I know I did it faithfully for a month or so and then I got busy and put it on the back burner.

I came across it the other day as I was cleaning out my office. I looked at it, read it over and I was totally blown away. The picture of the person (I have no idea who this person is or ever will have), that I put that I wanted my lasting, loving, happy relationship man to look like bore a very strong resemblance to the truly wonderful man I met just months ago. I did the Relationship Master Affirmation in the exact way that I teach in my books and on my website.

Master Affirmation for Relationship

“I, Anne Marie Evers deserve and now have a lasting, loving, healthy, happy relationship which turns into marriage with the perfect man for me.
He is _____________________________________________
(I added all the qualities, etc. that I wanted in this man)
I also added that he was approximately 6 feet tall, nice looking,
Financially independent, healthy, and more and he loves and
adores me as I love and adore him, etc.
We enjoy each other’s company, visiting, talking on the phone, cooking together and doing the things we both like to do. _______________________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________________ We are happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
I fully accept
Signed ___________________
Dated ____________________


Why did it take over 3 years to manifest? Good question. First of all I did not do it regularly as I should have and more importantly Reg was married in 2004. His wife passed away shortly after. If I met Reg Clemens when he was married, I would not have even given it thought as I know that all Affirmations must be to the good of all parties concerned and that we must never hurt or take from anyone.

I would love to hear about your Affirmation Success Stories.

I have included a picture of Reg and I.

Reg Clemens and Anne Marie Evers

October, 2007

Good luck and happy affirming and Oh Yes . . .

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!!

With love & Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers