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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today I received an email asking me about forgiveness and why I thought it was important to forgive. My answer is that forgiveness is very powerful. When you forgive, your energy changes the physical structure of your cells and DNA. When you are embroiled in guilt, shame or depression,you close down the energy systems of your body. All types of negative problems can and do erupt.

Forgiveness is a process of untangling mental and emotional parts of your being. If you have become tangled up in the negative energy of another person or situation, and need to forgive, do some simple effective exercises to achieve forgiveness and peace of mind. Learn how to use the power of forgiveness to heal yourself and get rid of negative people, conditions, thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Forgiveness is a choice--as is not forgiving. When you do not forgive another person, you remain energetically connected or tied to them. When you forgive others you break those ties and allow them to move on with their lives--and you to move on with yours.

What are some of the beneifts of forgiveness? It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases well-being and promotes good health. It can also reduce the risk of cancer and other disease. Forgiveness is private. It is not necessary or advisable to tell people that you are forgivng them. Forgivenesn is not ego, although some people say that forgiveness is selfish because it largely benefits the person doing the forgiving.

To select which Forgiveness Exercise is for you please go to where you will find many forgiveness exercises including the Cup Emptying Method, Extended Toothbrush Exercise and many more.

Happy Forgiving Everyone!