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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some Important Factors to be Aware of When Doing Affirmations

a) Blow breath into your affirmations by taking action. In addition to doing affirmations when seeking that perfect, relationship, blow breath into your affirmations by accepting invitations, meeting other single people and going places where they congregate. Be conscious of other single people when shopping, traveling, where you work and other places. Tell friends and relatives you are interested in meeting that special person. It is important to exercise down to earth common sense when meeting new people. Make it happen! You can sit in your car all day and affirm, state or demand that it start, but until the appropriate action is taken, (putting the key into the ignition and turning it) it will not start. Remember that all relationships begin in the Engine Room of the Relationship Train.

 b) You must use the clause to the good of all parties concerned in every Master Affirmation, as this is your safety net. When you use this phrase your affirmation will not manifest unless it is to the good of everyone involved and this of course includes you! You could add to your affirmation, “This or something superior now manifests for me.” Stretch your perception and make sure your affirmations are within the realm of reality or even on the edge of it. Think big and expect and enjoy delicious, Cosmic Affirmation Cookies from the Universe.

c) Be thankful to God, Universal Mind or whom ever you believe in. Also be thankful to yourself, life, nature and creation, adopting an attitude of gratefulness. It is easy to give thanks after you have received your good or blessings. Give thanks before. Write thank you three times after every Master Affirmation. When you say thank you, you obligate the planet for more. Have and maintain an attitude of gratitude and watch miracles happen in your life. One day my daughter, Aren told me of something she just had to do right then. She was so insistent. When I questioned her, she said, “But Mother, they thanked me in advance, and now I feel so obligated.” Gratitude is the willingness to be thankful for what you have and a celebration of lessons learned from life’s experiences. Concentrate and focus on the things you have and not the things you are lacking.

d) Create in the now. When creating your affirmations, use only the N O W! The power of creation is always present in the now and you are always creating and recreating. Did you create the reality that you are alone and do not have that loving, happy relationship or marriage? Now you can uncreate that loneliness and affirm and create happiness with that perfect mate for you. Always affirm in the present time. Saying and decreeing, “Deserve and now have” makes it present tense. If you say, “I deserve and will have, you are putting the manifestation off into the future, perhaps some future lifetime, and your subconscious mind will honor your tomorrowness. It is absolutely impossible to live successfully and productively in the past, present and future all at the same time.

e) Repetition is a very important factor in creating and manifesting your affirmations. Repeating an affirmation is leading the mind to that state of consciousness where it accepts that which it wishes to believe. Repetition is the exercise that accelerates the energy and vibration that is already present to make your affirmations manifest quicker. When you repeat affirmations, thought patterns are impressed on your subconscious mind and you are transforming your previously held beliefs, opinions, ideas and concepts about that statement. When you say affirmations over and over, the words become a living presence in your awareness. Later you become the words in the affirmation. It is important to then turn it over to a Higher Power, God, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in for materialization. Repetition reinforces the belief system and convinces the mind that it is true and the laws of the great Universe take care of the rest.

Repetition is accepted in every culture. Some forms of prayer are repeated over and over. When people chant in rhythm it helps to place them in a reflective state. In some types of meditation, the mantra is repeated over and over. When you repeat your affirmations with faith, conviction and expectancy, you are actually leading your mind into the state of consciousness where true faith and belief exist. Doing affirmations is not a one time procedure or event. It takes constant repetition. To make an affirmation concrete, think, write, feel and say it out loud with great feeling and gusto. In other words, say it until you mean it. Convince yourself of its truth and reality. There is no quick fix or fast spiritual food method of doing affirmations and there are no McAffirmations! It takes work, effort, concentration and the results are well worth the effort.

f) I use the Check Mark Method with great success. When my affirmations manifest, I put a big check mark on the Master Affirmation with a felt pen together with the date it actually happened. I place it in my Fulfilled Master Affirmation Book. When I begin a new affirmation to expand and increase my faith, all I have to do is to look back at all the ones that have happened. It also reminds me of all the affirmations that have manifested that may have slipped into my past memory bank and those which I may have completely or partially forgotten. It brings them to my attention and consciousness. I have many huge loose-leaf books marked Fulfilled Master Affirmations in all phases of my life. The good news is that you can have the same.

One of my readers reported to me that after she recorded and listened to her own affirmations for a week or so, miracles began taking place in her life. This happened because the subconscious mind is most in tune with its own voice. You will be astonished at the results you achieve when you do This Method faithfully. Another student reported to me that she puts one of her daily Short Form Affirmations under her pillow every night. She selects the one she feels is most important to her at the time, thinks about it and then lulls herself to sleep repeating it. She does the same one for seven days and then goes on to the next affirmation. Many people have reported exciting results with this Pillow-Talk Affirmation Process.

When you are in a state of sleep, forces (your thoughts) are still active. They are working on and with other minds, situations, and events. Your thought processes work on your desired affirmation all night to produce what you desire when your last thought before you go to sleep is of you having and enjoying your desire. Use the same process with anything you desire -- that loving, lasting, happy, healthy relationship, new vehicle, health, money, more friends, personal changes, spiritual development or any material object.

g) Let go of your rigid detachment to the outcome of your affirmations. Do not fret, worry or feel overly attached to the outcome of your affirmation, this process hinders the manifestation. Many people delay the completion of their desires by being rigidly attached to the exact outcome. Affirmations can manifest in a different manner than expected.

Cindy was so desperate to attract and have that perfect marriage that she kept questioning it, asking when, where and how it would appear. She was extremely attached to the outcome and her disbelief and attachment hindered its manifestation. When I pointed this out to her, she relaxed, began to believe and two months later she now has a wonderful relationship with the man of her dreams.  

Release your completed affirmations into the Universe with loving detachment, not rigid attachment. Assure your thoughts and affirmations that they will find the perfect answer and return to you. Another way is to bless your affirmations as you send them out into the Universe to manifest. One of my readers visualizes her affirmations on her hand and then blows them with love into the Universe. It works wonders for her.

h) Use the power of focus. When you take a magnifying glass and hold it steadily and close over a small portion of a newspaper, the paper will burn if the sunlight is strong enough. This is a sample of focused energy. Nothing will happen if you hold the magnifying glass at the same distance from the newspaper and move it quickly back and forth as you are scattering the energy and power.

You can work on many affirmations at one sitting. Take out your completed Master Affirmation, read it over, and then visualize the end result. Step ahead three or four weeks or months in your mind’s eye and bring in the five senses. Visualize in vivid color the desired outcome and then go on to the next affirmation. Do one affirmation at a time, as this does not scatter the power of the focus when you concentrate on one affirmation at a time. Should you place several on one page, it can become confusing and you will be diluting and scattering the power of focus. When you do affirmations, focus and concentrate on what you desire and the results manifest.

i) Use the saturation process. In this procedure you write out the abbreviation of your Short Form Affirmation for a total of seventy-seven times for seven days consecutively. You may wish to do every day for continued, abundant health or lasting, loving relationship or anything else you desire. Should your affirmation be delayed, take another look at it. Is your affirmation based on truth and most of all, is it true for you? You may discover you need to re-write the affirmation or stop for a period of time to allow it to manifest. Sometimes affirmations materialize immediately after the affirmation process is stopped. Others do the Short Form Affirmation Process on a daily basis and they are delighted that it only takes a few minutes.

This information is copyrighted and taken from Dr. Anne Marie Evers' Book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness.

TODAY, August 11th, my special guest on the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show is Reverend Wendy Yacboski. She is an Ordained Inter-denominational Minister, trained in a philosophy and teaching based on the principles of The Science of Mind and Spirit. Rather than human beings searching for a spiritual experience, we are spiritual Beings having a human experience. What does this mean? Many things. 
She will be sharing information with us TODAY! Her gift and passion is to help people realize their essentialness and value, their strength and successes and their true joy. And to help individuals, couples and families celebrate or heal through ceremony.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

One of my colleagues, Terry McBride, shared with me the following story. He said, “Dr. Anne Marie it is hard, if
not downright impossible, to be lying in a hospital bed in
excruciating pain saying, I am 100% healthy." I just could
not do it as the gap was too big. So I devised a plan as
follows. I said, “I am 1% better (or healthier) today than
I was yesterday.”

He repeated this statement with faith, passion, belief and
expectancy daily. Now he IS 100% healthy and doing
workshops teaching other people the power of the
Affirmation Process, Prayer and more.
You see, his mind COULD and DID believe the 1% as
it was believable and immediately set out creating conditions
in his body for his optimum health.

Using his method you could say, "Today I am 1% closer to
having all my bills paid, meeting that special love partner,
having more money, etc. Do like Terry did and repeat this
statement  over and over every single day wqiht faith,
passion, belief and expectancy. then in 90 days you will
be 90% closer and in 100 days you manifest your desire.

When making agreements, Affirmations, listening to
tapes, etc. we always encourage you to do it for a mini-
mumof 21 days as studies have shown that it takes 21
days to make a habit.
I use this process all the time. When I am writing my
books, articles, columns, and writings, I calculate that
I am __% finished. This really helps me stay focused as I
know I am making progress. Try it, and see how it works
for you.

When you are negotiating a business transaction or are
in a heated discussion with another person, this 10 Second
Silence Magic Method  is very important. I have saved
many real estate transactions by asking a question, and then
keeping quiet for at least 10 seconds.

I count slowly to myself 101, 102, 103, etc. It is known that
people do not like silence, and they will break it and you
then can discover what their real objection or feeling is.
It works in relationship disagreements as well, since it gives
YOU that 10 second time to cool off and re-group your thoughts,
words, and
This is a very important and helpful exercise. I use it
often and rely on it as one of my wonderful Affirmation
Tools. When I am in an uncomfortable and/or negative
situation, I simply visualize on the back of my ring these
four words, ‘This too shall pass,’ and it does together with
the good times.

This is what we call life. I really see in my mind's eye
these 4 words and receive power and comfort from

This information is copyrighted and taken from the book,
Affirmation Toolbox published in 2012 by Dr. Anne
Marie Evers   Available on

Sunday, August 05, 2012

If you missed the Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show with Dr. Lee Pulos you can always listen to it on the archives on  after Tuesday, August 7th. Just go to the archives and click onto the Sat. August 4th show. Dr. Pulos shared some incredible insights on Affirmations, Thoughts, Meditation, Hypnosis and much more.