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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show, Saturday April 23rd, 2011

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Monday, April 18, 2011

This morning I watched a program about job finding and they were encouraging people to take some summer jobs and to view them as experience. Also they mentioned that if the person is positive there is a good chance they could work into full time employment. So I want to add to that good advice some information taken from my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 7th edition.

The Search

If you are unemployed or short of cash, remember that being broke is just a temporary condition, whereas being poor is a state of mind. What you believe to be true is the key to releasing your old, negative beliefs of unhappiness and lack.

Make positive Affirmations about wealth. To create more abundance in your life, use your thoughts and mind to create the perfect, lasting, successful career for you. A successful, profitable career can bring money, wealth, and security.

Tell friends and associates that you are looking for that special career. They may help you.
Check out newspaper advertisements and employment agencies.
Spend some extra money on having an excellent résumé professionally prepared.
Have unique business cards printed, to introduce you to your prospective employer in a professional manner.


Mentally visualize—in vivid Technicolor—exactly how you wish the interview to progress.

Bring the five senses into your creative visualization.

SEE your interviewer (just a rough sketch is fine).
HEAR him or her saying, “(Your name), I am so pleased to say I have scheduled you for a second interview with the president. This is just a formality. You have the position.”
FEEL the joy and pride at being selected for the position.
SMELL some cologne, flowers, or perfume.
TASTE a tangy mint.

Then step ahead two to three weeks or months and picture yourself in that career. Be certain to put yourself in the picture.

Before the appointment, find out all you can about the company and, if possible, the person who will be interviewing you. If your prospective interviewer is a golfer, speak about golfing. If he or she likes to fish, talk about fishing, etc.

Talk about the other person’s interest; make the person feel he or she is the most important person in the world at that moment.

I once interviewed a busy multimillionaire executive who informed me at the beginning of the interview that he had only 10 minutes to give me. After two hours, I terminated the interview because I had another appointment. Why did he give me so much time? We were talking about the most important person in his world—him―a subject for which there was no time limit.


Stay calm. Do not allow yourself to become desperate or overanxious.
Be punctual, neat, clean, and well dressed.
Be confident. Shake hands firmly and make frequent eye contact with the interviewer.
Smile and be yourself.
Speak clearly and professionally and avoid using slang.

Never speak negatively about previous employers or divulge trade secrets.
Employers like and appreciate people who are interesting, relaxed, competent, and willing to learn.
Show your prospective employers you are sincerely interested in working with their company.
Practise empathetic listening. Really hear what the interviewer is saying.
Respect the opinions of the interviewer and make comment, when appropriate.

It is nice to be important, but it is far more important to be nice.
Concentrate on what you have learned from previous work experiences. Refrain from acting like a know-it-all.


Sometimes we transfer our fear from our spouse or family members to our employer.
Do you fear your employer?
Is your boss a controlling person?
Do you experience fear of failure or rejection?

Keep personalities out of the workplace. Personal problems belong at home.


When you are about to be evaluated, here are some points to bear in mind.

Really listen to the comments, concentrating on each word and letting them penetrate your mind.
Evaluate what the other person is saying.
Appreciate and value the good comments.
Give genuine thanks for praise.
Welcome constructive criticism.

Ask for clarification (to ensure you understand the statements fully).
Make suggestions on how to solve problems.
When applicable, say No nicely, with assurance.
Speak up for yourself. Each time you fail to do so, you take one more dose of no-confidence poison.

You lose some of your self-confidence and self-worth. Refuse to be labelled; do not accept unjust, unfair criticism of your work.


How do you feel about asking for a raise? If you are unhappy with the way you feel, create a new state of consciousness.

Do not berate yourself if you feel you are not earning enough money.
Refrain from comparing your salary to others or trying to compete with them.
Decide what you want your financial situation to be.
Choose the exact amount you wish to earn monthly or yearly (net or gross) and prepare the appropriate Master Affirmation.


You may not be able to secure another new position until you have learned how to deal with a particular difficult person or situation at your present place of employment. The workplace is comprised of many varied personalities. It is possible to have a personality conflict with one of your co-workers, employer, or others. If this happens, start your Personal Contract Affirmation Method immediately.

Are you expecting too much of your present career, company, or superiors?
Could you be comparing yourself to fellow employees or competing with them?
Do you feel you are being treated unjustly?

If this is the case, get to the root of the problem, examine it, discuss it, and then solve it.

Are you being overly sensitive?
Is there a legitimate reason for this treatment?
Why do you feel it is unfair?
Are you being passed over for promotions?
Are you attracting this type of treatment by your attitude or actions?
Does your attitude need to be adjusted or changed?

When you get the answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to look within, at the internal problem.

If you are satisfied with your answers and you have been honest, it may be time to secure another position.

The following story illustrates how important it can be to resolve certain issues before you can move on. Robert was very upset and unhappy in his career. He had been employed at the same company for eight years and had been passed over for promotions on three occasions.

When he called me, he was very depressed and rather grumpy. He assured me he had been doing his Affirmations regularly.

But when I asked how he felt when he began doing his Affirmations, he said, “I can’t help thinking how unfair life is. Steven gets more money than I do and he doesn’t do half the work. He leaves early and takes time off, while I work overtime every night. I have never missed a day. And Pierre was promoted last week.”

It was easy to see why my Personal Contract Affirmation Method was not working for him. He was filling his mind and his being with negative emotions and energy before and while he was doing his Affirmations. The message he was giving his subconscious was, “Poor me, it so unfair. Nobody cares and I am not important.” He continued in a complaining voice, saying, “They moved my desk and filing cabinet and never asked me or even told me. I found out when I went to work Monday morning. They do not appreciate or respect me. I hate that place. I want out.”

It took several months of counselling before Robert could see that his attitude and actions were keeping him from the success and respect he so deeply and earnestly desired.

He released all resentment and put himself in a positive mood. When he changed his thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and actions, his life changed in a positive way. He decided to make the best of his current career and he introduced and implemented a whole new computer program at work.

He created and taught the program. People really took notice and started treating him with respect. Two months later, completely out of the blue, Robert was offered a new career. When he told his current employer he was leaving, the employer tried to talk him into staying.

Robert moved out of his comfort zone and accepted the new position. He is now very involved and happy in his new career. His whole attitude changed; he realizes that doing Affirmations when in a negative, nasty mood or fame of mind, delays, hinders, or stops their positive flow. He now puts himself into a positive, receptive, thankful mood before and during his Affirmation process and the results speak for themselves!


Be sure to make your Master Affirmation accurate and specific. Say exactly what you desire. This is your order to the Universe. You cannot expect it to be filled unless you specify exactly what you desire. Your Short Form Affirmations consist of several key words taken from your Master Affirmations which you can jot down several times daily and/or say them over and over as often as you wish.

When doing your Career Master Affirmation, be certain to specify the amount desired in net or gross. It is also important to add the word “lasting” to your Affirmation.

One woman omitted this word and she got exactly what she affirmed. Her career, which was perfect and successful, lasted eight months. Another reader omitted the word “net” to the amount she wished her business to earn. When she deducted her expenses, she was very disappointed with the net figure.

Use separate pages for your Master Affirmations to ensure your intention is crystal clear! Also use colour, add hearts, dollar signs, and happy faces. Make your Master Affirmations colourful, exciting and interesting so you will want to look at them over and over.


"I, (your name), deserve and now have the perfect, lasting, successful career (position) for me. I have a supervisory position that I thoroughly enjoy. I am happy with my employers and they are happy with me. I enjoy large bonuses. I am healthy, happy, and balanced. They reward me with $_______ yearly (net or gross). I love my career and am the very best at it, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation
Perfect, lasting, successful career for me


"I, (your name), deserve and now have the perfect, lasting successful career, position, or business for me. I give myself permission to be successful. I am safe and protected. I earn in excess of $_________yearly (net or gross). I am healthy, happy, and balanced. I have a company car and a large expense account. My company recognizes my excellent work and performance and rewards me accordingly. They respect me and I respect them. I use my time wisely and still have time for my family and interests. Every day is filled with excitement. I am happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation Perfect business or position


"I,(your name), deserve to achieve and now easily reach my target in the specified time frame. Nothing deters me from my goals and Affirmations. I give myself permission to be top salesperson in my company. I enjoy perfect balance and a healthy, full social life. I am safe, very successful, and happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation My target easily reached


"I, (your name), deserve to be guided and now am guided in all my thoughts and actions to do what is required to gain a substantial promotion. I earn in excess of $______ monthly (net or gross). I am and remain balanced, healthy, and peaceful. I now have that promotion with my company, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation Promotion easily attained


You can use The Personal Contract Affirmation Method to obtain and sell properties. You can also use it to make your transactions run smoother and increase your self-confidence. Many Realtors use Affirmations when handling difficult sellers and hard to-sell properties with remarkable results.

When I sold real estate, I had a situation where an elderly father did not wish to sell the house he had so lovingly and painstakingly built. Due to a serious health problem, however, the father was suffering; his son felt it was in his best interest to sell.

The father resisted, saying, “No, no, this house will never sell. I don’t want to move. I won’t move. They will have to carry me out.” Interestingly, I never did sell that house nor was I instrumental in selling it. I did write two no subject offers on that home that fell apart just before closing. The house did not sell until the elderly gentleman was finally moved into a rest home. Such was the power of his mind.


"I, (your name), deserve to be and now am a successful realtor. It is easy for me to get well-priced listings and sell them quickly. I earn in excess of $______ yearly (net or gross). I am successful and attract the right clients into my life. I handle ____ listings at all times, confidently. I enjoy balance in my work and social life. I know every transaction must be to the good of all parties. I enjoy giving my clients excellent service. I enjoy helping people and I am happy and successful, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation Successful, top realtor


"My listing at (address) deserves to be and now is sold to the good of all parties concerned. My sellers are happy. The purchasers are happy with the price of their new home. The transaction goes smoothly. I believe in my work and my abilities. I create my future now. Both my company and I are thrilled with the commission and my excellent, professional work. We are happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation Desired property now sold


In the l970s, Merv Wright and I worked in the same real estate office in North Vancouver where we enjoyed a great working relationship. Merv moved to Calgary and we lost touch. Then one day I bumped into him in the bank in North Vancouver and we immediately continued our friendship.


When Anne Marie told me about the books she had written and the work she was doing with Affirmations, I knew I needed to learn more about the power of Affirmations to make positive changes in my life. She invited me to an Affirmation Group that met in her home. I attended and she gave me her book.

As a result of attending that meeting and reading her book, I started doing Affirmations on a daily basis—to my benefit. I used her method to create both personal and business change in my life and I received positive benefits and results.

Every day I walk my dog for 20 minutes and read, review, and say my Affirmations and goals.

I even take her book to church and often find similar and confirming information in the sermons. I use this combined information to create an uplifting, positive environment in my life. It works!!!

Recently I had challenging business situation. A difficult seller refused to make a price adjustment to bring the selling price of his home into line with other homes in the area to enable me to sell his house.

I decided to try another of the exercises Anne Marie teaches in her book. On a piece of masking tape, I wrote two words: Spiritual Disinfectant, then placed the tape on an empty spray bottle. (I used an empty spray bottle so I wouldn’t mark the walls or furniture.)

To create a positive environment conducive to change and to attract the perfect buyer and complete the sale, I went through the motions of spraying the inside of that house. Before holding Open House at the property, when no one was around, I sprayed every corner, saying, “I now spray any negative thoughts and feelings surrounding the quick sale of this house to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I also did a written Master Affirmation that my listing was now sold for the perfect price. Then I placed a picture of the house at the top of the Affirmation and wrote SOLD across the photo in large red letters.

Well, that process worked, too!!! To my delight, the seller adjusted his price and we received an acceptable offer with 10 days.

So if you are a realtor and have a difficult property to sell, do as I did.

W-O-W ! ! ! Affirmation Selling Success!

This book contains real, powerful information that works. All you need do is access it and use it. I am using it every day in all kinds of situations!


Having your own successful business is one of the easiest ways to build your success consciousness with regard to money. You can take this built-in success consciousness and incorporate it into any other type of investments, stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Make your business so much fun that you enjoy every minute. I always say that when you fall in love with what you do, you never have to work again. I have fallen in love with teaching Affirmations and it is true—I never have to work again. Fear of failure, success, or the unknown is what stops many a person from starting a business or being a success.

Today, thousands of home businesses are prospering. They can operate on a minimum amount of money. Many a successful million-dollar business started at the kitchen table with little or no money.

Find an idea for a business venture that is needed and that interests you. As Will Rogers said with regard to real estate, “The secret in real estate is to find out where the people are going and get there first.”

Come up with your own idea. Write down what you like to do and brainstorm with others who are supportive of you and your ideas.

One man discovered his friends were always asking him to locate certain car parts, which he did, through auto wreckers, scrap yards, ads, and associates. He provided this needed service to others, too, and it became a thriving business.

Several years ago, four young men rented a truck, bought some tires and equipment, and went to a part of the Alaska Highway that is famous for flat tires and blowouts. They found a need and created their own successful business venture to fill that need. They now have expanded to handling car repairs and other services for motorists.

Do your homework by reading some of the numerous books available on setting up a home business. Prepare a business plan to take to the financial institution for a loan, if required. When you have your finances in place, start your business.

When starting your own business, be certain to pay yourself a salary, whether your business can afford it or not. Since time is money, it is also important to make wise use of your time and to keep your life and business orderly. Organize your life and learn to delegate. Make your business serve you. Your key to starting and running a successful business is acquiring and using the prosperity consciousness.

Be courageous. Move forward even in the face of fear. You are a survivor, having survived the past and its problems; now you are in celebration of life in the present. Think prosperity and abundant wealth. Think about that perfect, lasting, successful business. Talk to successful businesspeople. Glean, modify, and utilize their good ideas. Read success stories, books, attend self-help lectures, and listen to success tapes.

Live success and be a success. Believe you are successful. Know it is happening to you as you read these words. Embrace the success consciousness; do not overextend yourself or feel like a failure if you do not experience instant success. Lull yourself to sleep saying, “Perfect business; perfect business.”

Many people have created successful home-based businesses after taking The Cards of Life Reader’s Course. They are now reading The Cards of Life for others and enjoying prosperous, happy, fulfilled careers.


"I, (your name), deserve to be and now am guided in my thoughts and actions in the direction of establishing my own business. I have the experience, education, and knowledge. My business benefits all who come into contact with it. I deserve and now have the sum of $______ to start my business. I climb to success because of my unselfish motives. My successes enable me to do more for others. I have the funds and necessary education to start my own business. I enjoy perfect balance. I am a successful businessperson, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form Affirmation Perfect, successful, lasting business


"I, (your name), deserve and now attract into my store or place of business a minimum of ____ paying clients or customers daily. This nets me in excess of $_______ monthly. Everyone is totally pleased with my services and products. I believe in myself and my company. My business increases monthly. We are all happy, to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Short-Form AffirmationIncreased paying customers and clients

BIG MONEY ($)TO ME NOW -- Abbreviation Method

Write at the top of a page: "Big Money to Me Now." Below that statement, write the abbreviated form of it using the first letter of each word—b$tmn. Write b$tmn 77 times daily. It is very important to say it as you are writing it so you are focusing on your intention.

Perfect, Lasting, Successful Career For Me Now

Using the same procedure, at the top of a page write the words: Perfect, lasting, successful career for me now. Below it, write the abbreviation: PLSCFMN. Write PLSCFMN 77 times daily, while saying the words out loud.

YVONNE WRITES I just wanted to tell you I wrote out ”Big Money to Me Now,” put it in my purse, and took it to Bingo. That night I won $2000! Thank you for this wonderful tool. I am telling everyone I meet about it!


After doing the Big Money to Me method for two weeks, I found a very valuable coin I did not know I had in my coin collection. It turned out to be worth $20,000! It saved my business from going bankrupt. I cannot thank you enough. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between the real and the imagined. It accepts this statement as true and goes to work immediately to manifest it for you.

Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!