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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Creating Money in Your Life Now!

Money Manifestation Process
by Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Did you know that your thoughts and ideas make money?

Using your Mind Power to Create Material Objects
(a) Create, concentrate and focus on your desire or idea.

(b) See it as a tiny speck in your mind.
(c) Now increase and magnify this speck.
(d) Make it a tiny bubble.
(e) Make more and more bubbles.
(f) Now burst those bubbles into the beginnings of your desire, or object of your affirmation, could be the very beginning of an image of that brand, new car, or home that you desire, trip, etc.
(g) Keep on visualizing bringing in your five physical senses, until the complete image appears clearly in your mind.
(h) Say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," and enjoy your creation!

Money Manifestation Process
(a) Create, concentrate and focus on money.
(b) See it as a tiny speck of money that is deep in your subconscious mind.
(c) See it appear as a tiny bubble containing paper money.
(d) See more bubbles -- and more bubbles containing money -- $50, $100, $1,000, $10,000, $50,000, $IM, $5M, etc.
(c) Now visualize this money floating easily into your Magic Magnetic Silver Money Safe.
(d) Ask for the combination of the safe to be revealed to you and give thanks.
(e) With the correct numbers to the Safe, go about opening your own Magic Magnetic Money Safe.(f) Now gently and easily withdraw out of your safe the amount of money that you desire, knowing that whatever amount you take out will automatically be deposited into your safe from the Universal Bank.
(g) Now bring in the five physical senses.
See the wonderful money in your hands.
Hear it as you gently swish it around.
Feel the thickness of the money.
Smell the fresh, invigorating smell of money.
Taste - Visualize biting into a juicy apple or taking a drink of sparkling, clear water.

Congratulations! You already have that sum of money, it has just not appeared in your physical reality as yet! Enjoy your state of money consciousness. You will never be in the state of lack. You will never be broke again. Thoroughly enjoy the entire process and the feeling of freedom--financial freedom, peace, joy, excitement and happiness. You are totally thrilled.

Start planning what you will do with your great wealth. Take a paper and pen and write down who you will give a portion of it to. How you will help them. See the expression on his or her face as you hand them a check for $50,000. You will then truly experience the feeling and the depth of the gifts of giving and sharing!

What church or charity will you donate to?
How much will you spend on yourself?
Will you pay off your mortgage?
Will you pay all your bills?
Will you purchase a new vehicle?
Will you purchase a boat or motor home?
How about that cabin in the woods?
Sports car?
New clothes?
traveling to far away places?
Go to expensive spas?

How much will you invest and where?
Know that you are totally and completely safe.

My Questions to You!
Did you experience difficulty with this visualization? If so, please describe it to me.

Have you done affirmations in the past and feel that they have not worked for you, or not in the way you wanted them to work?

I would be so happy to have you share your experiences with me. Together we will discover the reason your affirmations have not worked.

I challenge any one out there to write to me here. I believe there is always a good reason why your affirmations are not working, or as you feel 'not working.'

Affirmations work within the Law of Attraction, which says that like attracts like, more gathers money and what you think about you bring about. This Law is always turned on, in fact you cannot turn it off--Therefore Affirmations When Properly Done Always Work!

I look forward to your questions and comments.

February 2006 Money Affirmation
"I, (your name), deserve and now am very wealthy. I have supreme power and wisdom. Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance. Money is my friend and I respect it and it respects me. I write, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," three times on all my bills and checks. I know money relieves stress. It gives me freedom to pay all my bills and obligations. I now pursue my lifetime dreams. Money gives me financial security and enables me to help others. I freely circulate money in my life. I take the Multi-millionaire's Oath to help others. My family and I are safe and protected. I set up trust accounts for members of my family and others striving to help themselves. It is my God-given right to be happy, wealthy and healthy and I now accept this right. I with draw all the money I need, at any time, from my Magic Magnetic Money Vault or Safe. I enjoy being rich, yes, very rich! Every dollar I spend returns to me multiplied. I am an
irresistible money magnet to the right people and circumstances and to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you." I fully Accept.

Signed ______________________
Dated _______________________

When you date and sign your Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with God, Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in.

Allow me to help you create a personalized affirmation to attract and keep abundant wealth into your life and keep it there for your own pleasure.

Love and Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers