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Saturday, October 06, 2012

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The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show every Saturday
from 12 noon-1 p.m. PST

Last month we spent a deal of time exploring and
discussing the 1st and most important Block of the
5 Building Blocks and that is Forgiveness

 Affirmation Garden

When we create our Affirmation Garden it is important
to prepare and nourish the soil to receive the tender
seeds of our Affirmations. Once the soil preparation
is complete we decide what seed (Affirmation) to plant
and we do our Master Affirmation being very specific.
Remember Affirmations are similar to prayers, wishes
or goals only they are more structured and specific. To
affirm is to make firm and simply put the basis of all
Affirmations is positive thinking.

 The Affirmation Garden Process
Step 1 --  Soil Preparation – Forgiveness
Step 2 --  Selecting the seed (Affirmation)
Step 3 --  Water & Fertilize.  Read it over am and pm
Step 4 --  Step ahead in your mind, 3-4 weeks months
                bringing in your 5 physical senses
Step 5 --  Take Delivery! Anticipate the Harvest –
                 Expect Miracles and

ACT AS IF what you affirming has already manifested!
When people tell me that they have never done an Affirmation
I ask them the following question ---
”Have you ever had a birthday cake with candles, blown out
the candles and made a wish?”

If they say yes we tell them they have done an Affirmation it
is as simple as that!

The Affirmation Program that I teach is built on 5 Solid Building
Blocks which make up the foundation for the Affirmation Program
to manifest as we affirm. The 5 Building Block are:
 (a) Forgiveness; (b) Thoughts; (c) Mind Power; (d) Affirmations;
(e) Creative Visualization.
We also discussed the importance of forgiveness and shared some
examples and Affirmation Tools, such as ‘The Extended Toothbrush
Exercise,’ and ‘Emptying the Cup Forgiveness Exercise’ and more.
Now today we move on to the 2nd Building Block which is the power
of our THOUGHTS!!
What do you think is the greatest power ever discovered ???
Is it Nuclear Energy?
The power of wealth & fame?

I believe it is the power of your thoughts and mind.
Thought is creative
Thoughts are living things.
When thoughts are held in your mind they form a life of
 their own and attract other similar thoughts to them.
Thoughts are very powerful!
Even small and insignificant thoughts are important and
influence everyone around us.

Did you know that thoughts actually create new brain cells,
which create a physical and chemical change in your mind?

As the most powerful and trans formative tool at our disposal,
thought must be used wisely if we are to create what we want
out of life.
         Each thought seeks it own kind.
         Like always attracts like. Think about success and you
         attract successful people.

   What you think about you bring about
   More gathers more
         What you are seeking is seeking you.

We are great and powerful thought magnets whether we know
it or not.

Mental currents are just as real as circuits of magnetism and circuits of electricity.
           Each kind of thought has it own rate, degree and character of
           You attract your own kind of thought and you repel your
           Your concentrated thought, when accompanied by a matching,
           clear,  colourful mental picture (Master Affirmation) filled with
           feeling and belief—always makes an impression upon the
           subconscious mind, which in turn makes an impression upon
           the Universal mind which always responds.

 The Creative Universal Mind cannot refuse to take the form your
thought gives it. It does not differentiate between so-called good
and bad thoughts. It only knows to multiply and return to you that
which you have affirmed by your thinking, actions and Affirmations.
Everything was first a thought in someone’s mind – the chair you are
sitting on, the computer you are working on, your car and on and on

One man, I will call him Alex told me that he absolutely loathed himself
and what could he do about it. I suggested he do the Step Process (that
would be taking baby steps) as below --

1st Step -- I loathe myself;
2nd Step -- I understand myself my feelings and where they came from;
3rd Step -- I accept my self just as I am;
4th Step -- I tolerate myself;
5th Step -- I respect myself;
6th Step -- I approve of myself;
7th Step -- I like myself;
8th Step -- I love, respect and approve of me!

 Remember we cannot give from an empty cup and/or self. We have to
have love, respect and approval for ourselves before we can expect
others to love, respect and approve of us.  We teach people how to
treat us.

Alex is now working on Step 7 (the liking him step) and feeling a whole lot
better about himself and the world in general. I soon hope to have an email
from him that he has arrived at Step 8 and he now loves, respects and
approves of himself!


Bruce was told he had incurable lung cancer and was dying. He totally
accepted that fact and prepared to die ….. He became a hermit, did
not see his friends, quit eating healthy and just plain gave up, waiting to die.

 A miracle happened. His doctor’s office called and said it was very i
important for him to come in immediately. There his doctor explained that it
was all a mistake, and that he had proof that Bruce was not dying and in
fact that his lungs were clear and healthy.

 After Bruce was able to digest the doctor’s words and received proof
his whole aura, attitude and everything about him changed. He
straightened up, took a deep breath and walked out of that Doctor’s
office with a huge smile on his face. In minutes he took on a whole
new healthy persona. Why? Because he had previously thought and
he truly believed he was dying. And now his whole thought process
changed in a matter of minutes.

The situation had not changed it had just been corrected, but Bruce
changed his thoughts completely when he heard the words ‘clear &
healthy,’ and accepted the belief & knowledge that he was healthy.
Powerful stuff! The receptionist could not believe that he was the same
man who hobbled into the Doctor’s office, sad, sick looking and
depressed – and left with a spring in his step and a smile on his face!

How do Thoughts Work? One thought prompts another – they
make words, sentences, paragraphs, story, Affirmations and finally our
reality! When a thought is concentrated, focused, controlled and
charged with feeling and emotion, it becomes a powerful moving force.
Every thought is a force as real as electricity.


I was a witness at a Court Case where a man was accused of saying he said
that healed a certain person.  When I was called up to the witness stand,
the Judge asked me if I believed in healing power and if I could actually
see it. I said both 'Yes and 'No". Yes, I believe in healing power and No
I could not actually see it.

 But then again I added we ALL believe in things we cannot see and even
pay for them. What about our electricity bill?  We cannot actually see the
electrical currents going into our electrical box to turn on the power to
the switch.

Thought is always attempting to find pathways through which to
manifest the picture held in mind. Thought can be stimulated by outside
influence but it is your own mental and emotional re-actions to those
stimuli that create your beliefs, concepts and eventually your reality.
You narrow your focus when you think of yourself as a victim.

Over ½ of life’s experiences take place in the mind which does not know
the difference between a real and an imagined event and takes it and
stores it as real.

 We have approximately 50-60,000 thoughts that run through our minds
daily. Hundreds are likely to be insignificant, repetitive negative
thoughts. Becoming more conscious of the nature of your thoughts or of how
many of them are the same as yesterday, negative or positive can help you
focus your mind and transforms its endless chatter into positive,
consciously directed thought.

Writing this at 2 a.m. (could not sleep)

I had on my night dress and when I glanced at it  saw  in the rather dim light
what appeared to be a huge, black spider on my chest, I reacted negatively
immediately! My heart started to pound and I got scared that it would bite
 me and was it a poisonous spider, etc. etc. All types of negative thoughts
flew back and forth in my mind. Then I looked down again and realized
it was a harmless clump of thread (yarn) decoration that had come loose
on my night dress. I proved it once again that the mind does not know
the difference between a real spider and an innocent clump of thread.
I instantly re-acted to it because I THOUGHT it was huge, Black Spider
climbing up my chest! Wow! Great Lesson for today!

 And Remember-

No one can jump into your mind and think your thoughts for you;
nor can you jump into another’s mind and think his or her thoughts for
them! Your Thoughts belong to you and only you and you have the choice
what to do with them!     You are what you think! 

Love & Affirmation Blessings
Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Friday, October 05, 2012

SHOWS ON THE FIVE BUILDING BLOCKS                                                       AFFIRMATION  PROGRAM
My Guest on this series of Show is Rev. Wendy                          
Yacboski, who is a spiritual Coach, International
Motivational Speaker, Minister, Wedding Coordinator &
much more.

SATURDAY, October 6th, 2012
Brief Review of the Affirmation Program,  
the 5 W's
(What, Where, Why, Who; Why) of my Affirmation

TIME        12:00 noon-1:00 p.m.                                                                         PLACE                                                                                                                  SHOW       Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show                                                                                    TOPIC       2nd Building Block, The Power of Thoughts 
We will be exploring and discussing                                                                              
The 2nd Building Block, which is                                                                         
THE POWER OF THOUGHTS                                                                      
covering . . . . .

Thought Watching Exercise;
How important are thoughts                                                              
How everything starts as a thought in                                                            
someone’s mind; How we can harness                                                                    
our thought and make them positive;                                                                      
When we find negative thoughts in our
Beings, we have the power to go within
and delete those negative thoughts and
then immediately replace them with positive,
uplifting and happy thoughts and much more.

We invite your participation so please do call                                                        
in on our toll-free number